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                   Address: Verslo g.14, Liudynes k., Panevezio raj. Lithuania
                   Exporting to: Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,                                                              United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, France.

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  •                     PHONE: +37063914266 (Lithuania)


UAB Nordland House manufacturing facility is based in city of Panevėžys, Lithuania.

Using the most up-to-date and proven technologies we can ensure impeccable product quality.

We kindly invite you to visit the company and learn more about the manufacturing process and the production facilities.

From idea to drawings up to 8 weeks
Manufacturing of the house up to 6 weeks
Assembly on site up to 2 weeks

Bespoke quality

The quality and longevity of timber framed element houses depend the most on the quality of materials used, the knowledge of the particularities related to handling wood products and the experience in assembling elements in the construction area where final segment connections are executed, hermetic qualities are ensured and construction of internal and external decoration is completed.

Exceptionally competent staff, quality certified materials and modern equipment allow us to attain impeccable results. The panel houses produced by our company are of the highest quality and as a result are highly evaluated in Scandinavian market.  

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