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Most Popular Questions

How much house cost?

It's hard to make an exact offer until drawings isn't finalised, but for preliminary offer contact us and we will get back to you with approximate offer.

Are you offering assembly service on site?

Due to Covid-19, we're currently offering to assemble our products just in two countries like Iceland and Lithuania. When quarantine restriction will be lifted, we will be able to offer assembly services into more countries.

How long it takes to produce Nordland.house?

It usually takes about 6-8weeks if drawings is in place.

Can you offer turn key options?

It depends on location and size of the project. If we're talking single house, in that case it will be hard to offer interior works.

Can you make fundaments?

In countries where we already have strong partnerships we can, for example in Iceland, in other countries all depends on the size of project, but for a single house won't be an option.

How long it take to get structural drawings?

It depends on how fast communication between client and engineer goes, but we are always trying to be as responsive on time as possible so if all goes smoothly it's 3weeks.

How long assembly takes on site?

Also, it depends on range of works it's agreed up on, but standard technology house, around 100m2 can be assembled in few days.

Can you produce modular houses?

Of course 🙂


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