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At Nordland house company, we specialize in manufacturing eco-friendly modular homes based on client vision. As a reputable producer of prefabricated elements and quality modular homes in Lithuania, we use only the most sustainable materials and building practices to create homes that are not only good for the environment, but also beautiful and functional. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their unique needs and style are reflected in the manufacturing process of their new home. We believe that everyone deserves a home that is both comfortable and sustainable, and we are dedicated to making that a reality for our customers.

[ company strategy ]

Our Philosophy

Exceed all construction standards,  means being somewhat ahead of time by perfecting and innovating on traditional northern building methods

Our Missions

To become most advanced, innovative timber framed element, modular building producer in Northern Europe.

Our Vision

Sustainability, quality, attention to detail.

Our Values
[ how it works ]

From Sketch to Life

From idea to project

At this stage you have a dream, an idea. This stage of the project is very interesting, but at the same time very important. The decisions made at this stage will affect the course of the whole project and the final result, the success of the project.

We recommend taking the time to gather information and analyze it. Quite a lot of information can be found in various information sources, it is worth talking to construction specialists, house manufacturers with experience in the production and construction of frame-panel houses.

The more you delve in and take the time to project, the more likely you are to make the right decisions.

When contacting us, you may not have house drawings or have drawings that are not suitable for the construction of a frame-panel house. In any case, we will find out your needs, wishes, vision and summarize the available information to help you choose the right project. By getting acquainted with the construction of panel houses, we will help to avoid incorrect decisions with the materials used.

Once we have agreed on the house project - we will provide you with an accurate price offer.
After signing the contract, we will move on to the next stage - house production.

House manufacturing

A panel house is a house built of factory-made panels.

Technologists, using a specialized panel house design program SEMA, will prepare construction drawings of the house, where every detail and every panel is detailed. According to these drawings, the panels of the components of the house (walls, ceilings, roof) are made.

The completeness of a factory-made house is usually up to 80%. The high quality of the interior surfaces of the house reduces the cost of finishing work, which is usually not cheap.

Typically, the construction of a house and the manufacturing process take 4-6 weeks.

Once the house panels are manufactured, they are stored in the factory until the agreed installation date.


Assembling the panels on the construction site is no less a responsible and important step compared to building a house.

All installation teams are made up of experienced panel house assemblers. Our staff assembles the panels according to the available drawings, makes sure that the house is properly insulated.

Installation is done by mobile crane directly from the vehicle after checking the dimensions of the foundation and leveling the heights. Modern sealing materials and fasteners are used during installation.

After installing the walls of the first floor, the ceiling, the walls of the second floor, masonry, longitudinal and roof panels are further installed. Roof components can be supplied in parts or assembled panels.

Assembly of a medium-sized house usually takes about 3-5 days.